ALBA 355

The first UVA1
in the world.
now has a solution

With leading clinical studies the Alba 355 effectively treats with the use of UVA1 laser for Psoriasis without aiding in contemporary chemical compounds.

A safe procedure for all ages starting from infancy with better penetration in to the dermal layers on the skin.

Alba 355 works on Psoriasis a chronic, immune-mediated, genetically based inflammatory disorder with a 2-3% incidence among the Caucasian population in western countries. During the past few years, light source therapies of chronic dermatopathological disease have aroused the attention of a growing effectiveness, specifically in synergy with chemical and biological drugs administration, allowing a rapid and long lasting improvement in symptoms and life quality, especially in the chronic pathologies and those ones resistant to topical treatments. In a therapeutic perspective, exposition to the UVA1 radiation therapy can be divided into low (1-30j/cm2) medium (40-80 j/cm2) and high (80-120j/cm2) doses. Low dose are administered with fluorescent lamps with low-cost instrumentation and maintenance costs. High energy fluencies can be delivered only with metal-halide lamps that are associated with high costs and time limited fluorescence.

Alba 355 Goal. The use of monochromatic laser source emitting in the UVA1 range (355nm) allowing to achieve higher and higher brightness if compared to the traditional gas discharged tubes dramatically lowering the exposition time while administrating consistently the same dose. The qualitative and quantitative brightness of a monochromatic laser source would result way superior to all the devices used so far into the medial and aesthetic field.

A safe and effective treatment providing:

  • Better penetration to the derma. A very selective delivery of the large amount of energy directly on the psoriatic plaques in times dramatically shorter than traditional lamps
  • No protein denaturation caused by the heat—there is no tissues heating!-so to avoid any side effect or clinical complication.
  • Coherence and brilliancy finally make very quick and effective therapeutic applications with no side effect caused by accumulation heat
  • Stable brilliancy for more than 20000 hours
  • Up to 100j/cm2 in 12 seconds


Featured below is a small snapshot of images to reinforce the effectiveness of the Alba 355 treatments. Further imagery is available upon request.

Before & After PhotosBefore & After PhotosBefore & After PhotosBefore & After PhotosBefore & After PhotosBefore & After Photos

For more information and technical specification download the Alba 355 brochure...